Command Line

New Project

Create a new project in the provided directory.

kogno new your_project_name

Create table

Creates the database tables needed for the framework.

This command must be executed after configuring the database in config/database.yml.

kogno install


Kogno runs a total of 3 processes, which can be started all together or separately:



Web server that receives the events and messages from the configured platforms, in addition to the requests in the web/ folder.


Process that executes the queue from the sequences.


Process that executes the scheduled messages queue.

Manage All Together

Start all in Background

kogno start
Kogno 1.0.0 server starting in development
Http: starting daemon..
Sequence: starting daemon..
Scheduled Messages: starting daemon..

Other options are: kogno stop, kogno restart and kogno status

HTTP Server

Run in Background

kogno http start

Other options are: kogno http stop, kogno http restart and kogno http status

Run in Foreground

kogno http fg


Run in Background

kogno sequences start

Other options are: kogno sequences stop, kogno sequences restart and kogno sequences status

Run in Foreground

kogno sequences fg

Scheduled Messages Daemon

Run in Background

kogno scheduled_messages start

Other options are: kogno scheduled_messages stop, kogno scheduled_messages restart and kogno scheduled_messages status.

Run in Foreground

kogno scheduled_messages fg

The daemons can run either in background or foreground for environments of development or production. To configure in environment, see configuration chapter.


The console command starts the console that lets you interact with your Kogno application from the command line.

kogno console

You can also use the alias "c" to load the console: kogno c.

Usage example

kogno c
Loading development environment (Kogno 1.0.1)
2.7.0 :001 > user = User.first
 => #<User id: 1, psid: "600....> 
2.7.0 :002 > puts user.first_name
 => nil 

Within the console, you can run the reload! to restart the console quickly.


runner runs Ruby code in terminal.

kogno runner "some ruby code"


kogno runner "puts User.first.first_name"
  User Load (0.5ms)  SELECT `users`.* FROM `users` ORDER BY `users`.`id` ASC LIMIT 1


Persistent Menu

Activates the persistent menu in Messenger Platform.

kogno messenger menu on

Before run this command you should configure config.messenger.persistent_menu in config/platforms/messenger.rb

To Remove Persistent Menu

kogno messenger menu off

Get Started Button

Activates and set the get started button payload of Messenger.

kogno messenger get_started on

You can change the payload editing config.messenger.welcome_screen_payload in the Messenger configuration file config/platforms/messenger.rb

To Deactivate

kogno get_started off

Setting the Greeting Text

Activates greeting text on the welcome screen on Messenger.

kogno messenger greeting on

Before run this command you should configure config.messenger.greeting in config/platforms/messenger.rb

To Deactivate

kogno messenger greeting off

Whitelisted Domains

Update whitelisted domains in Messenger Platform.

kogno messenger update_whitelisted_domains

Before run this command, configure config.messenger.whitelisted_domains in config/platforms/messenger.rb

Ice Breakers

Activates Messenger Platform ice breakers.

kogno messenger ice_breakers on

Before run this command, please configure config.messenger.ice_breakers in config/platforms/messenger.rb

To Deactivate

kogno messenger ice_breakers off



Set and activate a url and receive incoming updates via a webhook.

kogno telegram webhook on

Before running this command, please set config.telegram.webhook_https_server in config/platforms/telegram.rb file.

To Stop Receiving Webhooks

kogno telegram webhook off


Set and activate commands for every command scope available in Telegram.

Set/Update all Scopes

kogno telegram set_commands all

Available Scopes

default, all_private_chats, all_group_chats, all_chat_administrators and all

To Deactivate Commands

kogno telegram delete_commands all

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