Starting the Server

Web Server

The web server will receive incoming updates via an outgoing webhook from the messaging platforms configured in a given project, such as Messenger, Telegram or WhatsApp.

It will run in the port configured in the field config.http_port located in the config file config/application.rb

Run in Foreground

For developing purposes and testing your server quickly, run this command:

kogno http fg

This will show all the outputs in foreground instead of sending them to logs file in logs/http.log.

Tunnel to localhost using Ngrok

We recommend to download and use Ngrok to create a local tunnel to your development machine.

Run as Daemon

To run the web server in the background, simply run the command:

kogno http start

This will write all the outputs in the logs file located in logs/http.log.

Stop, Restart and Status

kogno http stop
kogno http restart
kogno http status

Production web server

Since all messaging platforms require secure callback urls and Kogno only supports the HTTP protocol.

We suggest setting up an HTTPS Server in either Apache or Nginx and making a gateway to the Kogno web server http port.

Other processes

There are other processes that, together with the web server, are part of the whole Kogno server, they can be controlled separately or together.

Sequences Process

Sequences, is a functionality that allows to create a sequence of actions and/or messages, which will be executed on a scheduled basis from the occurrence of an event in the conversation.

This process execute the expired actions in the sequences.

Run in Foreground

kogno sequences fg

Run as Daemon

kogno sequences start

Logs are available in logs/sequences.log

stop, restart and status also available. Read more about this in Sequences Chapter.

Scheduled Messages process.

This functionality allows to send a messages in the future and this process send the scheduled messages from the message queue located in the database table kogno_scheduled_messages.

Run in Foreground

kogno scheduled_messages fg

Run as Daemon

kogno scheduled_messages start

Logs are available in logs/scheduled_messages.log

stop, restart and status also available. Learn more about this in Scheduled Messages Chapter.

All Processes

All processes can be controlled at once using the following commands:


kogno start


Kogno 1.0.1 server starting in production
Http: daemon started.
Sequence: daemon started.
Scheduled Messages: daemon started.


kogno stop

restart and status also available. Learn more about this in Command Line - Server

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