Models are classes, They talk to the database, store and validate data.

As in Rails, Kogno uses the ActiveRecord library for this purpose, so the implementation and operation is the same. So you can check out the official Rails documentation if you want to read more about Models.

Creating a new Model

Model classes should be created in bot/models/ directory, where, in most cases, each one should have a corresponding database table. Which was previously configured.

In the example below, we will create Product model in bot/models/product.rb file.

For this to work, there must be a table in the database called products.

class Product < ActiveRecord::Base


All the models that are needed can be created (with exception of the predefined by Kogno), defining associations between them.

To lear more about associations you can read: A Guide to Active Record Associations.

Predefined models

In a new project, by default the following models and their corresponding tables are created:

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