Messenger Configuration

Before configuring this section, you must have an App created in Meta and a Facebook Page. See the instructions here.

The configuration file for Messenger is located at config/platforms/messenger.rb

Kogno::Application.configure do |config|
  config.messenger.graph_url = ""

  config.messenger.pages = {
    "YOUR_FANPAGE_ID" => {
      name: "YOUR_FANPAGE_NAME",
      token: "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN"
    # "YOUR_2ND_FANPAGE_ID" => {
    #   name: "YOUR_2ND_FANPAGE_NAME",
    #   token: "YOUR_2ND_ACCESS_TOKEN"
    # }

  config.messenger.webhook_route = "/webhook_messenger"
  config.messenger.webhook_verify_token = "<YOUR_VERIFY_TOKEN>"
  config.routes.post_comment = :main

  config.routes.recurring_notification = :main

  config.messenger.whitelisted_domains = [

  config.messenger.persistent_menu =  [
      locale: :default,
      composer_input_disabled: false,
      call_to_actions: [
          title: "Title",
          type: :postback,
          payload: "your_context/a_payload_in_the_context"
          title: "Title2",
          type: :postback,
          payload: "your_payload"

  config.messenger.welcome_screen_payload = "GET_STARTED"

  config.messenger.greeting = [
      locale: :default,
      text: "Hello word."

  config.messenger.ice_breakers = [
      question: "Question 1?",
      payload: "context/payload"
      question: "Question 2",
      payload: "payload_two"


Field Description



Facebook Graph Url


One or more Facebook Pages can be configured and run under the same project.


The CallBack URL path where the Messenger Platform will send notifications. Read the more about this here.


Messenger Platform token for verification request.


Configure the default context which will handle a message from a Post Commend. Read more


The persistent menu allows you to have an always-on user interface element inside Messenger conversations.

To activate/deactivate it run:

kogno messenger menu on|off


The default postback payload for the Get Started button. To activate/deactivate it run kogno messenger get_started on|off


The greeting property of your bot's Messenger profile allows you to specify the greeting message people will see on the welcome screen of your bot. To activate/deactivate it run kogno messenger greeting on|off


Messenger whitelisted domains.

After modifying this you should run this command kogno messenger update_whitelisted_domains


Ice Breakers provide a way for users to start a conversation with a business with a list of frequently asked questions.

To activate/deactivate it run kogno messenger ice_breakers on|off

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