Replies / Notifications

This chapter talks about the different formats used when replying to or sending an on-demand notification to a user.



user = User.first
user.notification.text "Hello!"
user.notification.typing 1.second
user.notification.text("How are you today?")

As Reply in the Conversation

Using the @reply instance, accessible from any action block in a context or in the callbacks from the Conversation class.

class MainContext < Conversation

  def blocks

    intent "greeting" do
      @reply.text "Hello!"
        "How are you today?",
            title: "I'm good",
            payload: :good
            title: "Had better days",
            payload: :bad


For this case, the call to the send() method is not necessary, since it's a reply within the conversation, therefore the framework will do it automatically.

Notification Formats

In Kogno, we try to unify as many formats as possible, in order to allow developers to write a unified code for a cross-platform conversational application.

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